CSS Tutorial 12: CSS Height and width

CSS Height and width, Up until now, we now have not cared so much about the dimensions of the factors we’ve worked with. In this lesson, we will be able to take a look at the way you easily can define the peak and width of an element. CSS Height and width

CSS Tutorial 12: CSS Height and width

Setting the width [width]

With the width property, that you may outline a designated width of a detail.

The straightforward illustration beneath provides us with a field where textual content can be typed:

	div.box {
		width: 200px;
		border: 1px solid black;
		background: orange;

Setting the height [height]

In the illustration above observe how the height of the box is about via the content material of the field. That you may have an effect on the height of an element with the property top. As an example allow us to attempt to make the box in the illustration 500px high:

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