CSS Tutorial 1: What is CSS

CSS Tutorial 1: What is CSS?

Here CSS Tutorial 1: What is CSS. Perhaps you already heard about CSS without quite realizing what it is. On this lesson, you’re going to study extra about what CSS is and what it can do for you. What is CSS

CSS is an acronym for Cascading kind Sheets.

What can I do with CSS?

CSS is a form language that defines the design of HTML documents. For example, CSS covers fonts, colors, margins, strains, top, width, history portraits, advanced positions and plenty of other things. Simply wait and see!

HTML may also be (mis-)used so as to add a layout to internet sites. But CSS offers extra choices and is extra accurate and complex. CSS is supported by using all browsers at present.

After only some lessons of this tutorial, you will be ready to make your own form sheets utilizing CSS to provide your website a brand new pleasant appear.

What is the difference between CSS and HTML?

HTML is used to structure content material. CSS is used for formatting structured content.

Okay, it sounds just a little technical and confusing. However please continue reading. It will all make feel to you quickly.

Again within the just right historical days when Madonna was a virgin and a guy referred to as Tim Berners-Lee invented the arena broad net, the language HTML was simplest used so as to add structure to textual content. A writer could mark his textual content by using declaring “this can be a headline” or “this is a paragraph” utilizing HTML tags similar to <h1> and <p>.

As the online won fame, designers started watching for potentialities to add a layout to on-line records. To meet this demand, the browser producers (at the moment Netscape and Microsoft) invented new HTML tags corresponding to for example <font> which differed from the fashioned HTML tags by defining design – and not a constitution.

This additionally resulted in a trouble the place usual structure tags akin to <table> were more and more being misused to design pages as an alternative of including structure to textual content. Many new layout tags akin to <blink> have been best supported with the aid of one style of the browser. “You want browser X to view this page” grew to be an original disclaimer on websites.

CSS has once invented to alleviation this problem by delivering net designers with sophisticated layout possibilities supported by using all browsers. Even as, separation of the presentation form of files from the content of documents, makes site protection a lot less complicated.

Which benefits will CSS give me?

CSS was a revolution on the earth of web design. The concrete benefits of CSS comprise:

  • manipulate design of many files from one single style sheet;
  • more detailed manage of layout;
  • apply one of a kind layout to distinctive media-forms (display, print, and so forth.);
  • countless developed and complicated methods.

Within the subsequent lesson, we take a more in-depth appear at how CSS in reality works and how you get started.