SEO Tutorial Series – Relevant Filenames

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SEO Tutorial Series – Relevant Filenames

Some of the simplest ways to beef up your search engine optimization is to look at the manner you identify your files.

Earlier than scripting this tutorial, we did various study on file-names and observed that search engines like google like Google supply an excessive amount of value to file names. You must think what you need put in your web page and then supply a critical file identify to this web page. Just are attempting giving any keyword in Google search engine and you will to find file names highlighted with the key phrase you have got given. It proves that your file name should have suitable key phrases.

File Naming Style

  • The filename will have to preferably be quick and descriptive.
  • It’s perpetually just right to make use of identical keyword phrases in a filename as good as in web page title.
  • Do not use filenames such as provider.Htm or job.Htm as they are regularly occurring. Use actual provider identify on your file name such as computer-repairing.Html.
  • Do not use more than 3-4 words in file names.
  • Separate the key phrases with hyphens as an alternative than underscores.
  • Attempt to use 2 key words if viable.

File Name Example

Listed under are some filenames which might be perfect from the customers’ point of view as well as search engine optimisation.




Discover that the key words are separated by hyphens as a substitute than underscores. Google sees good filenames as follows:

seorelevantfilename as seo relevant filename(good)

Filenames with underscores are not a good option.

seo_relevant_filename as seorelevantfilename (not good)

File Extension

You will have to notice that .Html, .Htm, .Personal home page and another extension do NOTHING to your viewers, and they’re without problems a method of offloading one of the work of configuring your webserver competently onto your traveler’s. In effect, you’re asking your web site viewers to inform your webserver produce the web page, not which one?

Many internet masters suppose that it’s a just right idea to use filename without making use of extension. It will aid you, but not a entire lot.

URL Sub-Directory Name

From search engine optimization factor of view, URL sub-listing identify infrequently concerns. You could are trying giving any key phrase in any search, and you will now not to find any sub-listing title matching along with your key phrases. However from the user’s point of view, you should hold an abbreviated sub-listing name.

Special tips

Maintain the following aspects in mind earlier than naming your files:

  • keep the net page filename brief, simple, descriptive, and critical to the page content.
  • Try to use a maximum of three-four keyword phrases on your filename, and these keywords will have to show up for your net page title as well.
  • Separate all key phrases with hyphen rather than with underscore.
  • Preserve your sub-directories title as brief as viable.
  • Preclude the file dimension to lower than 101K due to the fact Google chops virtually the whole lot above that.