Top 10 Best Android Apps For Computer Geeks – 2018

Here for you top 10 Best Android Apps For Computer Geeks. In recent age, all people must be concerned about the smartphone. Because the smartphone is the best way of all the technological service. There are several types of apps that are used to continue the work of smartphone. Like this apps, there are computer related apps that are very helpful for a computer running.

Top 10 Best Android Apps For Computer Geeks – 2018

Best Android Apps For Computer Geeks

Here talking about the Android apps for computer Geeks that is used for providing more information about the computer and Internet. These apps basically focused on the information about the interesting computer facts.

  1. Computer and IT Quiz: First of all Computer and IT Quiz Android AppIt. It is a well-known App that is specially designed for computer Geeks to test their knowledge. 4.2 rating on Google play store. Basically, this app reserved the simple computer quiz test. The app also includes hardware, software, programming, networking, visualization and much more. Simply user can use this app on Android 2.3 or higher version. 0.5 million users downloaded this App that clear the information about the popularity of it.
  2. Computer GK: Computer GK Android AppIt is another well-known apps. Basically, it is a lightweight Android app which can be used with Android 2.3 or higher version. 4.1 rating of this app available on Google play store. The most important things are that it provides computer GK notes and questions paper to check our knowledge.
  3. Computer Software Dictionary: Computer Software Dictionary Android AppIt app basically used to know about various terms of the computer. 4.1 rating of this user can found on Google play store. About 0.5 million users use this App to find out computer related term like the dictionary.
  4. Computer Networking Concepts: Computer Networking Concepts Android AppIt included chapter wise arrangement of different concepts. Besides if offer the different diagram of different concepts. The google rating point of this app is 4.3.
  5. IPV6 And More: IPV6 and more Android another popular app provide the information about the IPV6 and other information that is related to it. About 0.1 million users used this app by downloading from google play store.
  6. Computer Repair Handbook: Computer Repair Handbook Android App is designed to handle the little computer faults within few minutes. This app used for removing virus, shortcuts and speedy. 4.1 rating point of this app downloaded 0.1 million.
  7. Amazing Computer Geek Facts: Amazing Computer Geek Facts Android App that is also the source of various computer facts rated data.
  8. H2k The Hacker Street: H2k The Hacker Street is basically Hack informative Android App. 4.4 rating this app available in Google play store. This app included the basic hacks of Windows, Android, IOS and much more.
  9. Computer Shortcuts: Computer shortcuts Android App provide you all the shortcuts for Windows and much different software like Adobe Photoshop, notepad, paint, MS Word, Excel and so on.
  10. Computer Repair. Its really most important fact of Android Apps For Computer Geeks.

Conclusion: Here we basically try to give the information about the Top 10 Best Android Apps For Computer Geeks. That is very helpful for personal computer also. Enjoy the app for all another service.

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