Top 10 Best Password Manager For Android 2018

Android smartphone is mostly common things. All kinds of People are like this smartphone and also use this smartphone right now. Also, they use this phones for multiple purposes and solve lots of problem with this Android smartphone. They also use this Android Smartphone for using social media website, banking, shopping and much more. Lots of users are play games with this phones and use lots of multiple apps. But some of the apps need to log in to access. Many of times users forget there Password for a website. In that time, they need to recover there password. For that reason, the Best solution is using Password manager for android. Password manager gives secure place, where they can easily store there all kinds of the password and others online documents. But they don’t know which password manager for Android is trusted. That’s why here we provide you Best password manager for Android. That password manager gives you best secure support. You May Also LikeTop 7 WiFi Password Hacking Apps for android

Top 10 Best Password Manager For Android 2018

Top 10 List Of Best Password Manager For Android

1. Keeper Password Manager.

Password Manager For Android-keeper-password-manager-android-app

Keeper password manager is worldwide top category android app. Which provide you best Security support. Most important fact that it gives you easy and simple user interface. Here you can easily store lot’s of password for different websites. Best things, you can use this with fingerprints lock. Here has lots of different type theme which you can choose easily. Now this time Approximately 50 million Android users are using this

2. DashLane Password Manager.

Password Manager For Android-dashlane-password-manager-android-app

Worldwide has lot’s of Password manager for android but DashLane Password Manager is top rated app. DashLane Password Manager provides you best quality security in one secure place. You can easily generate a secure password for control this android app. Also, you can easily sign in to any kind of site within few seconds. This app provides you credit card password security support.Security system is main fact of this app. Approximately 5 million users download this Android

3. LastPass Password Manager.

Password Manager For Android-lastpass-password-manager-android-app

Lot’s of the android free app does not work properly. Also, this android app is also free but work 100% properly. LastPass Password Manager specially build in for best password security support. This app especially generates high strong password. It has also some of the different features which most of the users are like very much. If you use this app so don’t need to remember your password. Average 5 million Android users download this

4. aWallet Password Manager.

Password Manager For Android-awallet-passord-manager-android-appThis is an app, which provides you high security. This app only builds in for Android Smartphone users. Most important facilities are its free app. Which most of the android users are want to get easier right now. It has 3.0 Android or higher version. Also has some of the special features like you can search within fields easily. And it’s auto-lock system is most popular features. Lot’ of app use ads for there app but aWallet Password Manager is totally ads free Password Manager For Android. Almost 5 million users download this application.

5. 1password Password Manager.

Password Manager For Android-1password-android-app

1password Password Manager is totally different type fantastic app. Anytime, Anywhere and Anyone can easily download this app from Google Play Service. All kinds of websites password with any bank and credit cards information can reserve you on this app. That’s why you don’t need to remember your any password. It provides you full responsibilities for any pin code or password. Most important fact, it provides regular update version with lots of update feature . Almost 1 million users download this 1password Password Manager

6. Keepass2Android Password Safe.

Password Manager For Android-keeppass2android-password-safe-android-app

Keepass2Android Password Safe also a top-level app. It’s most popular thins is fantastic graphics. The user interface is also common and most important fact of this app. Any users can easily integrate this app with there browser. Users can use any kinds of strong password for high security. It’s most popular Password Manager For Android. You can use this app with timer system. So if you like this app, just go to Google Play Store and Download it right now. Almost 0.5 million Android users like and download this

7. Password Safe.

Password Manager For Android-password-safe-android-app

This app name is Password safe and it provides you strong password security. Here you can get the auto backup system. Which can give you best support. It has especially password generator widgets for extra support. You can get here define multiple categories for entry. It provides v5.7 or higher version. Always it’s suggested you strong password with a password generator.  if you like this app, so download this app right now  Almost 0.5 million Smartphone users use this

8. mSecure Password Manager (Paid).

Password Manager For Android-msecure-password-manager-android-app

mSecure Password Manager is now available on Google Play Store. But it’s not a free app. It’s cost 10.11 USD. It’s paid app and for that reason, it’s provide you some of the exception feature and fantastic graphics. Which gives you gorgeous looking. Not only look, it provides ultra security system. It has auto lock system after a specific time. Another special feature is self-destructed mode. Which most popular of this app with SD card and email backup is a bonus feature for users. Almost 0.5 million users download this application at this

9. Password Manager SafeInCloud (Paid).

Password Manager For Android-password-manager-safeincloud-android-app

Remember this, the free app provides your expected features but Paid app to provide you always some of extra and some of special some features. And for that reason, that app is paid. Which all kinds of Android Smartphone users are like very much. But all users can’t buy this paid app. That’s why they use the regular free app. For best security system, it’s Google Play Store rating is 4.8 right now. It’s most important feature is cloud storage for password and others important file security. Almost 0.1 million users connected with this

10. OneSafe Password Manager (Paid).

Password Manager For Android-onesafe-password-manger-android-app

OneSafe Password Manager is now well known for Password Manager For Android. It’s paid app but the cost is so cheap. Anyone can buy this app with 4.58 USD. It can reserve password, ID, passport scan, credit cards and web accounts. Here you can easily copy and paste of any kinds of complex password. It’s especially is double security. Dropbox integration is also a popular feature of this app. Most important fact, it provides regular update version with updated features. Almost Ten thousand users regular use this

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