YouTube Alternatives 2018 (Top & Best)

Here YouTube Alternatives 2018 (Top & Best) YouTube is a worldwide most popular video store now. You can get unlimited videos here to watch. You can search easily by using the search option of it to watch any kinds of videos like funny, sports, movies, tech, comedy, drama, songs, wildlife, business, professional etc. Besides that, you can share your videos with the world. Live stream videos is another great option for it with others lot of options. Moreover, YouTube provides an opportunity for the entire users that a user, who would like to earn on YouTube, it’s possible with some simple steps.

Top & Best YouTube Alternatives

You can create YouTube Alternatives channel and you can easily monetize their videos and earn a lot of money easily.So It’s become trending for users to upload various kinds of videos. But now this time YouTube is consuming platform. So another place like school or university or others. The network administrator may restrict and Even few countries YouTube is banned for privacy concern. That’s why we need YouTube alternatives. Here we are going to provide some best YouTube alternatives sites for watching videos.

1. Dailymotion.

Dailymotion is one of the Top most and biggest video platforms and youtube alternatives. It is similar to YouTube. Here you can get a lot of videos like funny, movies, business, any kinds of tutorial, drama etc and here you can search videos, share and embed videos this platform. You can upload videos to your account and comment, like them.  Here you can use 18 languages for video search and this site also provides more than 30 country-specific variants. Here you can upload video over 4GB.

Youtube alternative dailymotion

2. Amazon Instant Video.

Amazon is worldwide most popular affiliate website. Here you can also get unlimited videos stores. Amazon is the YouTube alternatives But Here you can pay service and fully different from YouTube. Here you can search easily videos and many kinds movies etc and filter them by category. If you want to watch videos where you have to pay for it. After paying you can easily watch videos and download videos to your device. It’s uncommon and good service for Amazon customer.Youtube alternative amazon


Vimeo provides their service fully paid but the first time it offers 30 days trial to its users. It’s choice of approximately 50 billion users. First-time Vimeo provides fully free service for all users but 30 days later if you want to continue so obviously update your account for paid. Vimeo yearly charges 59.95$ per year.Youtube alternative vimeo

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4. Veoh.

Veoh also bests site in all best Youtube alternatives website. It provides some extra facilities like here you can upload videos easily by marking your account and here you can connect other users and if you want you can also chat with other users. You can browse here any kinds of videos like movies, Forums groups etc. You can also check videos specific channel. Youtube alternative

5. is really the most popular website in all YouTube alternatives. It provides some of the extra facilities like good browsing with its attractive user interface. Here you can get  Some of the different types videos and High-quality videos like movies, tutorial, entertainment, animation etc.Youtube alternative maker

6. Metacafe.

When YouTube is not published in that times Metacafe had most popular and famous video watching website.Metacafe also most popular youtube alternatives. Here you can get some feature fully different. Here this website frame all the video categories into a menu. Now, this website switched to short-term videos. It provides a good user interface with the simple look.Youtube alternative metacafe

7. Hulu.

Hulu is another best of all YouTube alternatives. This site Provide paid service and here you can get exclusive Programs, TV shows and with videos. It takes paid service $8 per month. If you update your account then you can access full package of TV shows, Movies, Videos, Tutorial, fully videos etc. But main is this service is available only in the alternative hulu

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8. Vube.

Vuibe is most popular video watching and sharing site. It’s established in 2013. In this short time, Vube creates Huge popularity. It provides the user-friendly system and good user experience. You can create here free account and upload videos alternative vube

9. Twitch.

Twitch is the site here you can get any kinds of gaming videos and it’s really Youtube alternatives. It provides the special good user interface and nice look. This site is most important for games lover. Here you can create account free and browse any kinds of videos and download videos.Youtube alternative

10. Youchew.

Youchew is most popular and another good site in YouTube alternatives site. This site is most popular for cartoon videos and funny videos. And maximum children are like this site. This site provides the best user interface and a lot of categories. Personally, suggest that this site is best for all child.Youtube alternative youchew

There all of most popular Youtube alternatives website. So finally I try to show you top 10  youtube alternatives websites. here you can watch videos and share if you like this article, just comment on this post and if you have any kinds of question about online technology so don’t let and comment your question. we try to provide you best solution. Thank you…

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